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  • Mountain summer
Mountain summer
Experience the alps in the Oe...
7 nights
  • 15.06.2017 - 03.09.2017
from € 1.145,--  price per person
  • Naturhotel short week| - Summer 2017
Naturhotel short week
5 nights
  • 23.04.2017 - 03.09.2017
from € 785,--  price per person

Regulative natural cosmetic according to Rosel Heim

All the product of Rosel Heim nature & science consider the natural functions and the defence mechanisms of the skin. The used raw materials and agents correspond to the agents of the skin and because of that they are accepted in particular. They are more effective and compatible than agent, which are unknown to the skin. During the conservation the use of bacterial agents is avoided. Instead of that they use alternative methods (like for example stronger calefaction during the production or antibacterial fragrances) to guarantee an adequate conservation.

Rosel Heim - Spa treatments

Dry brushing body treatment by Rosel Heim

Duration: approx. 80 min.
€ 105,-- price per person

SHORTY facial treatment according to Rosel Heim

Duration: approx. 50 min.
€ 70,-- price per person

BASIC facial treatment according to Rosel Heim

Duration: approx. 80 min.
€ 92,-- price per person